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What is Collaborativepianists? is a new space created to support, promote, raise social awareness, and connect the collaborative piano community to different audiences around the globe. 

We act as a medium between two groups: the collaborative pianist community and the general audience/social media users. We serve the collaborative pianist community by providing publicity worldwide and offering rewarded opportunities encouraging them to share content online. 

Inspired by the philosophy of our profession by working with others to produce music and art, we are encouraging our users to promote the benefits of collaborating beyond the musical boundaries. A collaborative environment allows individuals to communicate clearly, actively listen to others, respecting the diversity of our colleagues, and taking responsibility for our actions. 

Why are we doing this?
We are collaborative pianists, we are passionate about this career, we understand the challenges of the profession, and we want to serve our community. 
Our Offer
Promotion. We want to share information about your career and your projects with the general public at no cost to you.
Do you want to be featured?
Contact us on our affiliated social media accounts or send us an email.
Do you want to support our cause?
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