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Brian Cho is a native of Mississauga, Ont. and a graduate of Western University where he received his Bachelor of Musical Arts and a one year Artist Diploma in piano performance. Brian began playing piano at a very young age and continued his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto before arriving at the Don Wright Faculty of Music.

While attending Western University, Brian studied piano under the tutelage of various teachers including Dr. Leslie Kinton, Dr. John Hess, Professor Tina Yanchus, and Professor Marianna Chibotar-Rutkevich. During this time, he has collaborated with multiple individuals and competed in competitions as well. His recent endeavors have helped him place in the London Music Scholarship Foundation, the Maritsa Brookes concerto competition, Kiwanis festivals, and many more.

As a collaborative pianist and vocal coach, Brian aspires to continue his on-going education to learn and absorb as much musical knowledge as he can while simultaneously demonstrating his accumulated experience through performance(s).
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