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Olivia Juárez

Olivia Juarez is a staff collaborative pianist at the Music Faculty of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

She has more than fifteen years of experience collaborating with choirs and instrumentalists.

One of her greatest passions is learning languages. She has a German language certification and has taken Italian and English courses. She is currently learning French at the National School of Language, Linguistics and Translation of the UNAM.

Olivia has a BA in Music- Piano Performance from the National Autonomous University of Mexico where she studied under professor Ninowska Fernandez- Britto, a diploma in Choral Conducting from the Cuban Institute of Music under the tutelage of the choir conductor Digna Guerra, and is currently a M.Mus. candidate in Music Education (MA).

She has performed as a soloist, as a chamber musician, and as a collaborator in several concert halls such as The Nezahuacoyotl Hall, the Casa de Lago, the National Conservatory, and Radio UNAM.
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