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Pei-Hsuan Lin

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Pei-Hsuan is a Taiwan-born pianist based in Maryland, USA. Pei-Hsaun's commitment to music is driven by a passion for the infinite potential in Collaborative Piano. She is committed to creating many events that combine various genres of art. The reason for this determination is because she believes there is a strong connection between different art forms, and she loves the way she is able to perform music with new ideas.

Her work encompasses classical lied accompaniment, sonata-duo, piano trio, and collaborations with dancers.

Lin is a Collaborative Piano Fellow at The Aspen Summer Music Festival and Fall Island Vocal Arts Seminar. Her other summer engagements have included The Collaborative Piano Institute, Domaine Forget International Music Festival, and Todi Music Academy.

She has received masterclasses and coachings from composers and artists including Roger Vignoles, Martin Katz, Rita Sloan, and Jake Heggie.

Notable performance engagements include projects with Johns Hopkins University Peabody Opera and Todi Music Academy.

Pei-Hsuan is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University of Peabody conservatory, where she obtained duo Master's in Collaborative Piano and Piano Performance and a Graduate Diploma in Vocal Accompanying. She is the recipient of the 2018 Clara Ascherfeld Award in Accompanying from Peabody.

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