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Raymond Truong

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Collaborative pianist Raymond Truong plays in a broad range of settings, including opera performances, auditions, competitions, recitals, lessons, community music theatre, and house concerts.

Alongside operas, Raymond spends a lot of his time with singers performing art songs and his knowledge in French, German, and Italian diction puts him in very high demand as a vocal coach.

He has had the opportunity to work with renowned singers and collaborative pianists, including Andrew Armstrong, Rudolf Jansen, Julius Drake, Robert Holle, and Emily Ameling at the Franz-Schubert-Institute.

One of Raymond’s passions is to work in settings that involve the local community so he can share his craft and love for music. A project he is working on involves a series house concerts at his residence in Toronto as well as London where he works with other musicians to present western classical music (including chamber music, solo performances, art songs, and arias) to the surrounding community in an educational and interactive manner.

Raymond enjoys spending his free time thinking of ways to get his students to practice piano.

He is currently a D.M.A. candidate in collaborative piano at Western University under the tutelage of John Hess.
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